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YA Anthologies and Short Story Collections You Must Read

By Uncharted

By Caitlin Taylor So

In case you missed it, Uncharted’s Cinematic Short Story Contest is now open! From April 14 to June 16, 2024, we will be looking for short stories in the following genres: science fiction/fantasy, thriller/mystery (horror), historical fiction, and young adult. To celebrate, we’ll share a few young adult anthologies and short story collections for you to check out. They might serve as inspiration; click on the titles to find out more!

  1. A Thousand Beginnings and Endings edited by Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapman

Sixteen authors, including New York Times bestselling authors Melissa de la Cruz, Renée Ahdieh, and Julie Kagawa, incorporate the folklore and mythology of East and South Asia in their reimagined short stories. Their twists and turns are enchanting, heartbreaking, romantic, and passionate. The genres span from fantasy to science fiction to contemporary to romance to tales of revenge. With every beginning, there is an ending, and with every ending, there is a beginning.

  1. Transmogrify!: 14 Fantastical Tales of Trans Magic edited by g. haron davis

Can’t get enough of fantasy literature? We have the anthology just for you. Dive into 14 fantastical tales involving characters who embody many different genders, expressions, and experiences. There’s a place for everyone in magic, especially for those who identify as trans and gender nonconforming.

  1. Rags & Bones: New Twists on Timeless Tales edited by Melissa Marr and Tim Pratt

Some of the best modern-day writers—Rick Yancy and Neil Gaiman to name a few—retell some classic tales written by some of the best writers in history from Sir Edmund Spenser to E. M. Forster. Timeless stories are taken and boiled down to their bones so that the bestselling authors of today can reassemble them for a new generation. Set within the realm of science fiction, dystopian fiction, fantasy, and realistic fiction, the authors pay homage to the authors that came before them, while weaving in their unique 21st century perception and style.

  1. Slasher Girls & Monster Boys selected by April Genevieve Tucholke

A handful of the most popular young adult authors have come together to write incredibly twisted, haunting scary stories and psychological thrillers. Each story draws from a familiar one everyone knows, but brings something fresh and newly terrifying to the table. No superficial scares can be found here; bloody gore, supernatural creatures, and unsettling, all-too-possible realism awaits.

  1. Magic Has No Borders edited by Sona Charaipotra and Samira Ahmed

If you’re looking for a lush collection of South Asian folklore, legends, and epics retold for a modern audience, look no further. This fantasy and science fiction anthology features 14 bestselling, award-winning, and emerging writers from the South Asian diaspora. Magic has no borders and exists everywhere, as long as you’re open to finding it.

  1. All Out: The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer Teens throughout the Ages edited by Saundra Mitchell

Embark on a journey through time and genres and step into a rewritten history where outwardly queer historical figures live and love loudly, shaping the world around them. Seventeen young adult authors across the queer spectrum worked together to create a beautifully diverse and welcoming historical fiction anthology. You’ll love this one wholeheartedly.


Born and raised in Queens, Caitlin Taylor So is a Chinese-Vietnamese writer who is passionate about prioritizing and amplifying marginalized voices. She graduated from Emerson College with a degree in publishing and marketing. Her writing can be found on Business InsiderPopSugarWebMD, and Her Campus Media.