Who We Are - Uncharted

Who We Are

Since August of 2021, Uncharted Magazine has been a premier publisher of short fiction and the newest platform from the team behind The Masters ReviewCRAFTFractured Lit, and The Voyage Journal. We seek stories that provide a thrilling escape, a surprising new world, or a brain-twisting mystery.

The Stories We Publish

Sci-Fi & Fantasy — We love to read tales of other worlds that reveal clearly just how strange our own actually is.

Thriller/Mystery — We are rolling horror stories into this category! We want stories that keep us up at night, that take us into the resonant fear of looming monsters and haunting ghosts. We want stories that thrill us by keeping us on the edges of our seats, hearts pounding, wondering how it will end!

Historical Fiction — We’re looking for stories that engage deeply with history. We want your characters to interact with infamous people of history, dwell deeply in past eras, and show us how the world used to operate and what lessons we can learn. We want history brought to life on our pages.

Young Adult
— We are honored to partner with Voyage YA to offer outstanding young adult literature from a variety of backgrounds.

We cannot wait to read your writing. You can submit your stories today at: uncharted.submittable.com/submit

Who We Are

Our founders, Tommy Dean and Josh Roark, love genre writing. They wanted to create a space where writers and readers can truly gather together to share and experience outstanding stories. Uncharted publishes new work every week from both emerging and established authors, and our prestigious contests make sure our authors get the chance to make real money and earn real recognition. We also regularly publish writing advice, community news, essays, interviews, and more—all centered around our shared love of great stories.

Associate Editors: Elizabeth Crowder, Myna Chang, and Kate Tooley.

Voyage YA Associate Editor: Delaney S. Saul.

Our readers are Amanda Hurley, Anais Godard, Andrew Sippie, Belicia Rhea, Caroljean Gavin, Danielle Stonehirsch, Deirdre Danklin, Dominic Turnea, J. C. Pillard, Janet Smith, Jennifer McCready, Jessica Calvert, Jessica Evans, Kylie Wang, Maria Picone, Mob Writes, Morgan Rash, Natalie Lydick, Nelly Shulman, Sara Omer, Stephen Loftus-Mercer.

Our Values

We believe that the art of storytelling serves as a medium to help us empathize and learn from others. This is a worthwhile pursuit as we continue to build an inclusive literary magazine that desires to represent the voices of all people in the stories we publish. In order to do this, we will not discriminate on the basis of age, ancestry, disability, family status, gender identity or expression, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, or for any other reason. What we love about genre fiction is the ability to find truth through the imagination and defamiliarization of the normal, and to find common joy through shared experiences of discovery and terror and mystery. No boundaries exist around this joy—all folks deserve to see themselves truthfully represented in our imagined worlds. We hold this core belief close: the joy of speculative fiction is only enhanced by the diversity of its characters and authors.

Therefore, we reserve the right not to publish works that dwell unnecessarily in or that are unchallenging of the discrimination categories listed above. We reserve the right to send back work unread and unevaluated if we find the work violates our vision of inclusivity and non-discrimination. This may result in banning individual works or writers from our submission queue.

We know that we have a unique platform to provide a space for marginalized or underrepresented voices, and we take this responsibility seriously and sincerely. Uncharted believes that Black Lives Matter and that publishers have a duty to push for sincere change in our overwhelmingly homogenous industry. We reserve the right to deplatform writers if we learn that they have broken our non-discrimination values elsewhere.