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Uncharted Magazine Sci-Fi & Fantasy 1st Chapter Prize

Thank you to everyone who submitted this year! Please give us 8-10 weeks after contest closing to process the results. We can’t wait to share the winners with you. We’re looking for dynamic and thrilling First Chapters! Can you write a first chapter that captivates your audience enough to make them want to keep reading? […]

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The Crime/Mystery Short Story Contest

Thank you to all of our submitters this year! We can’t wait to share the winning stories with you. Uncharted Magazine publishes Crime/Mystery Short Stories from fiction writers of any background or experience. We want stories that delve into the psychology of crime, that explore desperate and dastardly characters committing crimes of passion and intrigue. […]

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Uncharted Magazine Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Story Award

1st Place: “Bees Wings” by Matthew Goldberg “This delicate sketch of our powerful tendency to humanize the universe—to make it bearable—walks a knife’s edge of tonal balance. Too much, either way, would have ruined it. Ultimately, I read in it a celebration of the absolute beauty of every moment of life, no matter where it […]

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