Uncharted's Summer Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Story Award Long List - Uncharted

Uncharted’s Summer Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short Story Award Long List

By Uncharted

We’re so excited to announce the 39 titles of our longlist! The submissions we received were so creative, thrilling, and deeply envisioned that we’ve had a hard time narrowing down the list! We’ll announce the shortlist titles next week! Thank you for your patience! From this list, Ken Liu will select 3 winners!

The Organic Host


May You Live in Interesting Times

Green Glass

The Fragmented Legend of Stone Mother


Words of Advice at the End of the World


The Arch of the Eyebrow

Green Thumb

Blaze Trails Unlimited


We the Machines

Bees Wings


To the Stars

The Names in the Tides

God Complex

Light in the Dark

The Dark Unicorn

The Thin Black Line

Diamonds and Dolls: A Harlequinade


Extrapolating the Vortex of Love and Death

City of Gold

Pandora’s Zoo

Ponte Selvaggio

The Vanishing of Buz Murdock

Silent Screams

The Forgotten Blue of Skies We Left Behind


The Stone

Time and Tide

How Coyote Borrowed the Devil’s Wings

Smells Like Another Long Night

The Star Scavengers

Songs in the Dark


All You Can Ever Know