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Series Conclusions to Read in 2024

By Uncharted

It’s triumphant yet bittersweet when reaching the conclusion of a book series, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Say goodbye to these five thrilling sagas in 2024, or catch up in time for the finale! Click on the titles to find out more!

1. Destroy the Day by Brigid Kemmerer (Defy the Night #3) – January 23, 2024

Prince Corrick and Tessa Cade have separated, and Harristan has been dethroned. Corrick and Tessa are forced to enter less than ideal alliances in order to survive and reunite, while Harristan is on the run, trying to unite the rebels in his fractured kingdom. Anticipate heartrending twists and devastating turns in the final book of the Defy the Night trilogy.

2. The Prisoner’s Throne by Holly Black (The Stolen Heir Duology #2) – March 5, 2024

Prince Oak has been imprisoned and bound to the will of a new evil queen. At the heart of this book lies a decision Oak must make: regain the trust of Wren or choose Elfhame, the land of faeries, and lose the girl he’s always loved. Keeping everyone he loves alive will be impossible; it’s merely a question of who he will doom.

3. Sound the Gong by Joan He (Kingdom of Three #2) – April 30, 2024

Get ready for the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Strike the Zither. Zephyr is now a god in a warrior’s body, and yet, she has never felt more powerless. She will do anything to reinforce her lordess Xin Ren’s position over the Westlands and to wreak havoc on her worst enemies, especially the enigmatic Crow.

4. Born of Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Flesh and Fire #4) – August 13, 2024

Jennifer L. Armentrout has announced another book in the Flesh and Fire series. While a synopsis has yet to be released, readers can expect the high-stakes action and romantic fantasy that define Armentrout’s stories. Will Sera and Nyktos finally achieve the future they want?

5. Poison in Their Hearts by Laura Sebastian (Castles in Their Bones #3) – June 18, 2024

Three princesses were promised marriage, conquest, and power from birth. When sister Sophronia is murdered, the two remaining princesses, Daphne and Beatriz, realize that their true destiny has always been to die as pawns in their mother’s game. What their mother did not expect, however, is the plethora of allies the princesses have amassed across the continent. Will trusting in their allies and magic be enough to outsmart the empress and fate itself?


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