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How To Create Your Writer’s Brand: If Shakespeare Can Do it, So Can You!

By Catherine Kenny

Your Writing is Your Brand

As a writer, sometimes the only thing you feel like you control is- well, your writing. When it comes to creating a writer’s brand, it is important to follow your instincts and remember that your voice is the most important differentiating factor compared to others. We understand that branding and marketing tend to be the cons that come with the pros of writing, so here are a few simple ways to get started. 

Websites, Social Medias, and Emojis- Oh My!

Listen, it is 2022. Our screen times are abominable, children are raised by iPads, and Netflix is our best friend. In simple terms: you need a website. The biggest way to reach and curate an audience is through the digital world. Luckily, website creation has become more navigable. With websites created to help you (so meta), you simply need to have a color scheme, photo album, and overall aesthetic in mind. Check out tips and tricks from Book Launch. Of course, social media accounts are also a must. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Tiktok have become pillars of information within the literary community (take a look at our linked social media accounts for inspiration!). If you like an author, following their every move is as easy as the click of the “add” button. Consistency is key; if your writing is silly and vibrant, make sure to add pops of color or maybe a few emojis to your posts. If your writing is clean and academic, stick to crisp lines, a continued feed, and scheduled posts. Don’t try to become a brand that you simply are not, rather let your brand come from the source: your writing. 

Be Like Shakespeare

Our Head of Editorial, Josh Roark explained in an interview session that anyone within the literary community should prioritize connecting with others. “Get right into the community”, he exclaimed. Even Shakespeare himself bounced ideas and looked towards his fellow writers for advice or inspiration. Be like Shakespeare. Give your peers a follow on social media, offer to edit a friend’s new piece, or volunteer as a reader at your favorite literary magazine (we know it’s us, don’t be shy!). Writers feed off of human connection and authenticity, and your personal brand will grow when you surround yourself with people you admire. Do not be afraid to take inspiration from literary role models, peers, or friends- you never know what piece of branding will be right for you. 

No One Else Can Be You, So Be You!

As we know, our greatest superpower as writers is what we write. No one chooses to become a writer because they love to create buyable products and marketing ploys. That is not what writing is about, and that is not what your personal brand is about. Remember that your brand comes from your voice, so if you feel like even the smallest detail such as a certain font doesn’t feel quite like “you”, your audience will know. It can be daunting to put on the various hats of website creation, social media management, and community engagement, but all of that will help you sport your best look- a writer. As Shakespeare so accurately put it, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”. Go create your destined brand. 

Good luck, and happy branding!
P.S. Courtney Harler, Writer and Editor of our sister magazine CRAFT highly recommends Courtney Maum’s “Before and After the Book Deal: A Writer’s Guide to Finishing, Publishing, Promoting, and Surviving Your First Book” for any writer dealing with branding. Check it out here!

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