Historical Fiction Challenge Winner - Uncharted

Historical Fiction Challenge Winner

By Uncharted

We’re thrilled to announce that we have chosen Chasing Ghosts by Heather Bell Adams as the winning story of this challenge! This story immediately immersed us into the life of a real historical person, while creating space for her as a character in this story. The details were true to the historical period and made us feel like we were there in the stage of this story, living in this moment between a daughter and father. The trap of celebrity and the feeling of destiny permeated this story as the real-life events of Jacki Kennedy’s life added a rich sense of dramatic irony.

  1. Chasing Ghosts by Heather Bell Adams
  2. Dog of War by Kathy Chao
  3. Silence and Submit by Charlotte Crowder
  4. Water of Life by Fenja Hill
  5. Thrown Away by John Kachuba
  6. Quantum Medicine by D.K. Lawhorn
  7. The Slap that Changed the World by Richard Raymond, III
  8. The Ant Bear by Jennifer Shaw
  9. The Last Hayrick by Abigail Williams
  10. The Bandit Queen by D. B. Woodling