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Announcing the Voyage Lucky No.7 Contest Results

By The Voyage Team

The time has come! We’re announcing the winners of our Lucky No.7 Challenge! It was no surprise that we received so many impressive submissions offering unique takes on our prompts. At the very least, you’ve got some great stories to send out for consideration at other venues. No matter the outcome, we hope everyone had as much fun as we did! Below are our winners and the writers who made the top forty! Check it out!


First Place Winner:

Rocky Halpern for Fairy Boy Flight

Second Place Winner:

Sarah Maxfield for Buried Treasure

Third Place Winner:

Rachel Delaney Craft for In the Wraithwood


Top 40

Christine Lei for To Seela

Sarah Jensen for Artifacts of the Forgotten / Dear Violet / Postal Relativity

Kat Boyd for The Vanished

Harmony Heart for No Mercy for the Dying God

Kathryn Kass for The White Box

Keshni Washington for To My Departed Grandmother

Jenifer Dale for I Never Forgot You

Rocky Halpern for Fountain of Blood in the Shape of a Girl

Sarah Duffey for A Tournament

Rachel Federman for Dear Simone

Jaye Freyer for The Locket and Dear Aunt Carrie

Jessica DeHart for Like Camp Letters From A Friend

Heather Lewis for Life Beginning Letters

Veronica Hassenger for Lucky No. 7 Club: Ladies of Letters and Spectrum

Ann Malaspina for The Castle

Gabrielle Lakusta for Dear Daddy

Anna Pagan for Hope’s Cure and Old Ms. Mabel

Natalie Birkin for The Letter and the Names

Noah Weisz for The Escape

Rachel Delaney Craft for Do You Think Ghosts Are Beautiful?

Ella Jaffe for How Alexa Killed My Cat

Cornell Brellenthin for Undated Excerpts from Crossed Missives

Sara Pauff for Manifest Your Future

Keila Aartila for Unspoken

Darlene Pagán for Mirla Means Blackbird

Sarah Maxfield for Natural Selection

Joel Shoemaker for Correspondentures

Justin Mellette for Quadrennial and Amendments

Elizabeth Louise for A Daughter Called Hope

Michael Eberlein for Sundown

Sally Simon for The New Boyfriend and Tenth Summer

Tedi Park for The Mountain

Karina Martinez for The Boys

Emily Greenzang for The Hammer

Scott Tierney for Dear Me

August Van Stralen for The Shadow Men

Lisa Buscemi Reiss for A Slice of 1977

Frances Koziar for Legacies From High School, For the Thank-You-Mom-and-Dad Contest, and Letters and Questions

Pym Schaare for Time Thin Paper

Valerie Kemp for Dear Jayden

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