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Announcing the Voyage Love & War First Chapters Contest Results

By The Voyage Team

The wait is over! Today, the Voyage Team is incredibly happy to announce the winners of our 2022 First Chapters Contest! We were all in agreement that the talent just keeps getting better and better! A huge pat on the back to the writers who submitted and took risks by getting their work out there. Win or lose, we want you all to know how much you are celebrated! A gigantic thank you to our guest judge, Ayana Gray, NYT Bestselling Author of Beasts of Prey, and Beasts of Ruin, Leah Pierre at Ladderbird Literary Agency for assistance with feedback to our finalists, and Sera Rivers at Martin Literary Management for assisting with mini workshops for all our submitters!


First Place Winner:

Sophia Alapati for Polyphony

Second Place Winner:

Keshuan Chow for For No Mortal Creature

Third Place Winner:

Ali Meyers-Ohki for The Staying Spell


Finalists (in no particular order):

Neerali Baxi for White Ripples

Addison Horner for Eleison

Rachel Delaney Craft for Every Color of My Blood

Gabriela Miranda-Diaz for Stories from the End of Humanity

Karima Alavi for Yasmeen, Daughter of Baghdad

Valerie Kemp for The Only Exception

Samantha Panepinto for Where is the Edge of the Universe?


Longlist (in no particular order):

Jamye Smith for Born of Blood

Allie Frost for A Wayward Spark

Flor Salcedo for Worry Dolls

Hades Calabuig for Sunflower Kids

Montana Napier for Forest Dwellers

Stephanie Scott for Come Back Alive

Rory O’Connor for Faith & Falling

Ilana Kramer for Firework Willow

Alexandra Blumhorst for The Election

Emily Li for Lucy Wang and the Dragon Resistance

Maddy Torosian for Children of a Secret War

Elisa Park for While You Were Sleeping

Chelsea Chong for Wunderkind

Kaedyn Nedopak for Gaia’s Song

Melissa Pinhal for The F Word

Meghan Brawley for The Love Journal of Cassie McClain

Sarah McKinstry-Brown for Beautiful Dead End

Jennifer Campanile for Heartbreaker for Hire

Heather Harwood for The Flying Machine

Yoruba Baltrip-Coleman for The Darkening

Karina Martinez for The Boys

Katie Doarn for Introducing the Finches

Sherry Shahan for Love Breathes Under the Ashes

CeCe Heard for Blood on the Field

Cristina dos Santos for Nightmare Junction

Rae Henry for Lazuli

Nathan Bachman for Almost Paradise

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