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Announcing the Voyage First Chapters Contest for Women Writers Results

By The Voyage Team

We’re back at it! The Voyage team is always EXTRA excited when it’s time to announce contest results! Today we’re thrilled to share the outcome of the Voyage First Chapters Contest for Women Writers! As always, you all made it a HARD decision! Every single submitter should celebrate writing something awesome and getting their work out there. Many thanks for your patience as you awaited the response. A massive thank you to our guest judge, J. Elle, NYT Bestselling Author of Wings of Ebony, Ashes of Gold and A Taste of MagicLeah Pierre at Ladderbird Literary Agency for assistance with feedback to our finalists, and Ameerah Holliday at Serendipity Literary Agency for assisting with mini workshops for all our submitters!

Now for the long-awaited moment!


Drum roll, please!


First Place Winner

Jenny Hu for Broken Chords

Second Place Winner:

Zakiya Jamal for Hopeless Romantic

Third Place Winner

Ann Mason for Garden of Earthly Delights


Finalists (in no particular order):

Haneen Oriqat for Waves of Love

Carolyn Tara O’Neil for Thalia of Sparta

Jo Baker for City of Dark Ink

Becca Anderson for Initiate

Amanda J. Floresca for Rum Gully Girl

Kristy Crabtree for On Behalf of the Universe

Kylie Freeman for Beneath the Aspen Grove


Longlist (in no particular order):

Janae Newsom for Sina & Trinity

E.M. Chandler for Untitled Chapter

Robin Farmer for Flipper Girl

Amy Alexander for The Wild Ones

MoAde Jagusah for Blood Harmony

Starr Davis for The Summer I Turned Seventeen

Amanda McBride for Porcelain Dolls

Emily Fluckiger for Ending Otherland

Alie Jones for Memories of Karo

Camilee Belloli for Thirst

Chelsea McLin for Somewhere to Nowhere

Larissa Irankunda for And They Shall Take Up Serpents

Katja Kaine for The Living Goddess and the Pirate Queen

Tara Brazee for Outrider

Caroline Sciriha for Heir to Dreams and Fire

Rae Bowman for Threads of Memory: Prologue

Lee Bell for Sun Still

Destini Pettus for The Banyan Tree

Marci Denesiuk for A Shattered Rose

Miranda Joy for A Curse of Malice and Mercy

Amy Turner for Queen of the Fish Fry

Fallon Hamilton for In Our Blood

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