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Announcing the Voyage Best Chapters Contest Results

By The Voyage Team

It’s time for another contest announcement! We’re BEYOND excited to announce the winners of our Best Chapters Contest! It seems like making a decision each time gets harder and harder. There are so many talented writers and we are constantly in awe of you all! Please take a moment to pat yourself on the back if you were brave enough to share your stories. Many thanks for your patience while you waited for a response. A massive thank you to our guest judge, Soman Chainani, NYT Bestselling Author of The School of Good & Evil series, and Beasts and BeautyLeah Pierre at Ladderbird Literary Agency for assistance with feedback to our finalists, and Hannah VanVels-Ausbury at Belcastro Agency for assisting with mini workshops for all our submitters!

And now the moment you know you can’t wait for!


Drum Roll Please!



First Place Winner:

Ra’Niqua Lee for Infinity Bound

Second Place Winner:

Genevieve Abravanel for Say the Right Thing

Third Place Winner:

Christopher Renna for Endless Sky


Finalists (in no particular order):

Julia Hou for Say it in Chinese

Edward Jackson for The Altar Boy’s Alternative Handbook

Cristina dos Santos for When Night Comes

Kennedy Thurmond for 17 Revolutions

Lacey Yong for Dauntless

Janice Torres for Embrace the Dark

Bowie Rowan for You Will Know Elasticity


Longlist (in no particular order):

Kayla Mroch for Evangeline

Chelsea Greer for Flames of Ashmore

Sandhya Jain-Patel for Agneya of Salt and Flame

Sierra Morris for Personals

Dakota Shain Byrd and Bridgette Johnson for The Southern Queers’ Guide to Curse-Breaking and Monster Hunting

April Snellings for The Electric Girls

Vijaya Bodach for Emergency

Chelsea M. Brown for Phoenix Flight

Tyra Douyon for Shout Me Home

Alexandra Fallgren for How the Light Gets In

Maya Afilalo for Not Just Anybody

Kayla Green for The Grief Monster

T.A. Joseph for A Kinder Sea

Hillora Lang for Light From the Stars

H.D. Hunter for Rosewood

M’Shai Dash for City of Prisms and Orbs

Charles Robertson for Prayers From The Middle Of Nowhere

Amanda J. Floresca for Smooth Criminal

Shannon Sharrock for Under a Blanket of Stars

A.J. Mietke for A Witch’s Crime

Florence Ivey for A Crown of Chains

J.C. Stevens for The Girl Who Swallowed The Flame

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