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Voyage YA Anthology Contest Results

Announcing the Voyage Anthology Contest Results

By The Voyage Team

It’s contest announcement time! We had a hard time selecting just eight winners to include in our inaugural anthology! Our community is full of talented writers! Please make sure you celebrate yourselves for taking the leap and sharing your stories with us. We’re SO, SO excited to announce the winners of our Anthology Contest! Our selected contributors will have their work appear alongside bestselling authors Kim Johnson and Brynne Rebele-Henry! Many thanks for your patience while you waited for a response. A giant thank you to our guest agent, and Sera Rivers at Martin Literary Management for assisting with mini workshops for all our submitters!

And now the moment you know you can’t wait for!


And cue drum roll, please!



Anthology Winners/Contributors:

Madelin Medina for Last Dance (Above Water)

Rieko Mendez for Petals falling

Andrea Grabowski for The Night Search

Valerie Kemp for Like This

Maia Cataldo for Our Correspondence

Kate Larkindale for A Beautiful Paradox

CeCe Heard for say my name like a prayer

Christina Polge for artemis//apollo


Longlist (in no particular order):

Maureen Tai for Matricide on the Morning Bus

Sarah Hawkins for There’s Only One Bed

Shari Green for all things end and the one thing

Halli Gomez for Fifty Thousand and the Truth

C. E. Janecek for Not Your Martyr, Not Your Saint

Chelsea McLin for Float

Nicole Roth for In the Movies

Brittany Saulnier for Snow Tomorrow

Danielle Pignataro for Baby

Edward Jackson for Shaving

Isabel De La Pena for Lord, Hear My Prayer

Amélie Mietke for Rebel Heart

Maya Afilalo for Praying I Wouldn’t Be Last

Kelly Esparza for Take the Jump

Victoria Franzese for Fencing Lessons

Lindsey Danis for People Like Us

Sallona Ramesh for Paper Tents

Susan Lin for Touching the Morning

Roshni Veronika Mallick for Logan and Riley

Marisa Gearin for Reforestation

Kylie Wang for Jack O’Lantern

Sam Muller for Where birds fly, after the last sky

Vanessa Jae for Twisted Thing

Alexandra Van Belle for A Door in the Dark

Lucy Zhang for We Were Buried Before We Were Drowned

Ashley Wilda for Depression Diver and Hollow

Isaiah Holbrook for What Happened to Us?

Marleyne Hernandez for Mujeres Poderosas

Kat Heckenbach for The Con Author

Anndee Hochman for Both/And

Zary Fekete for The Speaking Bee

Valerie Kemp for Last Winter

Elaina Battista-Parsons for Fennel and Plaid

CeCe Heard for It All Makes Sense Now

Gwen Katz for A Benedictine Monkey

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