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Announcing the Voyage 2020 First Chapters Contest Results

By The Voyage Team

Thank you to all the INCREDIBLE writers who submitted to our First Chapters contest! We know it wasn’t easy putting yourself and your work out there. We want you to know that we are so proud of you all. No matter where you landed, keep writing, and keep putting your work out there. Thank you to our amazing guest judge, Dhonielle Clayton, and all the agents who agreed to be part of the contest: Eric Smith at P.S. Literary, Leah Pierre at Ladderbird, and Thao Le at Sandra Dijkstra! Winning entries will be published in January!


First Place Winner: Abraham Johnson for Trip the Light Fantastic

Second Place: Ravynn Stringfield for Passage

Third Place: Grace Shim for The Noh Family



Alexandra Fallgren for Whenever You’re Around

Elnora Gunter for Sisters in Step

Alexander Casey for Simply the Best

Regan Humphrey for What I Know About You

Victoria Koops for A Cosplayer’s Guide on Surviving Comic Con

Gabbi Calabrese for My Sweetest Downfall

K.C. Finn for The S Word



Alaa Al-Barkawi for In the Country I Love

Hiba Tahir for Dear Number 43

Gloria Muñoz for This is the Year

Julie Xia for Triple Point

Cathrina Dionisio for Sanctuaria

Olga Khaminwa for Darkbloods

Nicole Bennett for Pierce the Glowing Sea

Eson Kim for Lennox Uncharted

Zora Asque for The Last Bear of Tilimook

Camille Smaby for The Magician’s Assistant

Sunah Nash for The Seventh Floor

Shome Dasgupta for The First Time They Met

Sandra Martin for Cuban Flight of Peter Pan

Georgia Campbell for Pencil Moods

Lilla Glass for The Unseen

Franklin Ard for Back to Zero

Julia Hou for Something You Could Lose

Friday Faraday for The Black Album

Lara Ameen for Spaer

Sen Huang for Musefire

Alyssa Krob for Heir of the Dead

Soumi Roy for The Eagle and the Viper

Emily Dodge for Daughters of Morrigan

Amanda Floresca for Rum Gully Girl

Sofía Aguilar for Winnie, Not Winnetka

Richard Datzko for Gone to Prey

Aya de Leon for Undercover Latina

Sarah Underwood for Larks in the Springes

Hayley Haggerty for Secrets of the Neath

Davon Loeb for Three-Finger Freddie, a Fight

Melissa Niles for Bubblegum Punk

Di Di Bei for Daughters of Yin and Yang

Rebecca Burton for Circus of Ghosts

Sarah Al-Tamimi for Savage Roads

Kristen Harris for The Ritual of the Eighteenth Year

Sarah Leonard for The Greatest Dream

Sophie Trist for The Ghost Children

Kibkabe Araya for The Uprising of Jesika Jeffries

Abbie Harlow for The Spinner and the Prince

Ariana Cantu for The Slow Cooked Makings of a Sweet Life

Anndee Hochman for My Plural is People

Janice Torres for Embrace the Dark

Jarvis Mitchem for Out of the Ashes

Emily Lee for Great, or Nothing

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