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Announcing the Summer 2021 First Chapters Contest Results

By The Voyage Team

Time to spread more good news—just in time for the holiday season! We’re jumping for joy today because we’ve got the results for the summer 2021 First Chapters Contest! As always, you all made it an incredibly tough decision! Every single submitter deserves a pat on the back for your bravery and your talent. A sincere thanks for your patience as you awaited the response. Huge thank you to our guest judge, Sona Charaipotra, Author of Symptoms of a Heartbreak, How Maya Got Fierce, and Tiny Pretty Things (now on Netflix!), Leah Pierre at Ladderbird Literary Agency for assistance with feedback to our finalists, and Amy Bishop at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret for assisting with mini workshops for all our submitters!

Now, get ready for the big moment!


Drum roll, please!

Announcing the 2021 Voyage First Chapters Contest Results
Photo by Aliane Schwartzhaupt


First Place Winner:

Hannah Lamarre for Slow Notes Toward a Symphony of Longing

Second Place Winner:

Loretta Chefchaouni for Afterdeath

Third Place Winner:

Sunil Bhatia for No One’s Prince

Honorable Mention:

Zahra Zelle for Born From the Flames


Finalists (in no particular order):

Krista Surprenant for Season of Dandelions

Harmony Heart for Hush Forest

Kayla Green for The Grief Monster

Hope Bissell for Hazed

Alie Jones for Memories of Molasses

Arriel Vinson for The Freedom of Falling


Longlist (in no particular order):

Joseph Emmanuel for The Hourmaker

Masha Shukovich for The Taste of Names

Leyao Xiao for Überhero

Linda Masi for Legends of Uwah: The Year of Fire

Marie Powell for I C U

Rose Thorne for Book Fair

Catherine Con Morse for The Notes

Catherine Boyd for Bricks

Brittaney Barfield for Tapped By Fire

Victoria Kimble for The Hurricane Keeper

Taylor Garcia for The Lovefools

Elisa Zied for It Was the Music

Constance Roberts for Chord & Crystal

Courtney Glazer for The Scars We Hide

Marissa Snyder for The Fallow Years

Annie Lisenby Smith for Junior Year Bites

Elizabeth Arredondo for North Star

Jessica Stevens for It Dare Not Speak

Lisa Reiss for Signs, Predictions, Kurt Cobain, and Me

Michael Fountain for Devil’s Night

Nicky Zhang for Sunbringer

Francesco Moramarco for The Trickster

Gwendolyn Wilkins for The Journey of a Tree Mage

Adriana Woolley for Song Cry

Clemintine Guirado for Orphan From the Stars

Stephan Nance for Feminist Bird Club

Jenna Lehne for Crimson Daughters

Vaughn-Shane Camarda for The Culling

Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo for Dear Lupe

Christina Trujillo for What Remains

Robert Wilson for The Invisible Watcher

Katherine Christensen for Talking Back to Grief

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