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Announcing the 2022 Voyage YA Novel Excerpt Contest Results

By The Voyage Team

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Today, the Voyage Team is over the moon to announce the winners of our 2022 Novel Excerpt Contest! We were all in agreement that it’s the talent for us! A huge round of applause for the writers who submitted and took a chance on themselves. No matter the decision, we are so proud of each and every writer! An enormous thank you to our guest judges, Literary Agents Leah Pierre at Ladderbird Literary Agency, Ernie Chiara at Fuse Literary Agency, and Savannah Brooks at KT Literary. And of course, a big thank you to Literary Agents Taj McCoy at Reese Literary Agency, Jess Dallow at Brower Literary Management, and Hannah VanVels Ausbury at Belcastro Agency for assistance with feedback to our finalists and submitters.

First Place Winner:

Chelsea Logan for The Whole of Alastair Winter


Top Nine Finalists:

Maya Afilalo for Leaning Against the Sun

Hardy Griffin for Broken Kismet

Austin Bridges for Path of Daedalus

Kayla Green for The Grief Monster

Jersey Griggs for Dark Summer

Nicole Green for BITE

Cristina dos Santos for When Night Comes

Amanda Floresca for Rum Gully Girl

Mima Tipper for Chasing a Blue So Wild


Ten Finalists for Agent Feedback:

George Morvis for Spearfish

Marion Ruybalid for Not My Native Land

Jeff Gallagher for Mile Marker 17

Liz von Klemperer for Flower Girl

Heather Davis for Fewer

A. K. Mintah for The Second Prince: A Cinderella Reimagining

Vandana Khanna for Patron Saints of Lost Causes

River Braun for The Book of Crush

Carrie Wallace for A Loosely Strung Sky

Andrea Rivard for Orbit



Sue Giplaye for The Brownsville Life: Ebony Doe

Casey Andrews for An Incantation of Hexecats

Kat Boyd for Bricks

Elise Chidley for Deepwood: A Circle of Seven

Melissa Pinhal for The F Word

Kat Gonso for Elle’s Guide to Worst Possible Outcomes

Christy Lenzi for For Our Crimes

Anndee Hochman for My Plural is People

Ali Meyers-Ohki for The Staying Spell

Chen Gu for See You Again

Shaily Yashar for Love Unpublished

Jesse Weiner for The Most Beautiful Thing in Paris

Christopher Renna for Salt of the Sea

Ellen Rozek for Facing the Music