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Announcing the 2021 Book-Pitch Contest Results

By The Voyage Team

We’re back with more contest results and we have to say—what an incredible contest! We always receive amazing submissions, but for this particular contest, the submissions were outstanding. It was a tough decision. If you submitted to the Book-Pitch Contest, we want all of you to know how talented you are! We hope to see your books on the shelves someday, so keep going with your projects! Thank you, as always, for the patience as you awaited the response. We’re writers as well, and we know your pain. Huge thank you to Kylie Schachte, Author of You’re Next, for agreeing to be our guest mentor for the winner and to Kaitlyn Johnson at Belcastro Literary Agency for assisting with mini workshops for all our submitters! And now for the big moment!

Drum roll, please!


First Place Winner: Janae Newsom for June Nova



Dakota Shain Byrd and Bridgette Johnson for The Southern Queers’ Guide to Curse-Breaking and Monster Hunting

Hiba Tahir for Aisha Stands Up

Alexander Casey for Simply the Best

Monique Ruiz for The Usual Place

Christina Im for The Ash of Other Bodies

Rufus Elaine Halpern for I Don’t Know if I’m Faking it

Lizzie Frank for Nights of Music

Symone West for Stealing the Sun

Kelsey Robinson for The Glass Dagger

Jean Ferruzola for Alma Aguilar’s Guide to Breaking Curses

Alicia Fleming for The Gulch


Longlist (in no particular order):

Kwadjo Boateng for Brothers

Yoruba Baltrip-Coleman for The Darkening

Victoria Wlosok for How to Find a Missing Girl in 30 Days or Less

Rebecca Kilroy for Graves, Spooke, and Gasp

Kathryn Birchfield for Untitled Asexual Love Story

Lily Chien-Davis for The Forever Life

Elaine Gao for The Oracle

Angela Pilson for The Huntsman’s Daughter

Brian Fence for The Janet Project

Kate Bove for The Hollow River

Michele Bartlett for Silence

Eliz Morgan for Darlings of Ruin

Olivia Martello for Starlight and Shadow

Lukas Hall for The Patient Routine

Autumn Perales for Embers and Thorns

Jenny Feldon for A Place Like Home

Laura Diamond for Audacity

Lauren Fulcher for Junior

Rachel Hammond for The Secret Language of Flowers

Toke Adejoye for The World At The Bottom of Darkness

Kat Gonso for The Tour of Great American Tragedies

Yousra Medhkour for Keeper of Fate

Marissa Spear for Love Is Not Linear

Rachel Craft for Every Color of my Blood

Friday Faraday for The Black Album

Meg Eden Kuyatt for Whatever Happened to Prudence Kaufmann?

Emily Gaines for Defying Death

Michelle Kett for If Hope is Lost

Victory Witherkeigh for The Girl

Lara Ameen for Spaer

Lindsay Chudzik for The Most Cake

Winnie Grey for Beneath the Weight of Willows

Kimberly James for Little Mermaid

Kylie Freeman for Hallowed and Gold

Nancy Scott Hanway for The Criminal Gene

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