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Voyage 2020 Short Story Award Results

Announcing the 2020 Voyage YA Short Story Award Results

By The Voyage Team

The Voyage team would like to start by thanking everyone who submitted to our short story contest! We are HUGE fans of short-form YA, and hope to see this category grow more in the coming years! We’d also like to thank our contest submitters for their immense patience! It can be really tough waiting to hear back and we appreciate you sitting tight as we read through all the wonderful submissions. Without further ado, we present to you the winners of the Voyage YA Short Story Award as selected by our guest judge Natalia Sylvester, author of the YA novel, Running! We’d also love to acknowledge our finalists, and longlisters for outstanding work as well! One more huge thank you to our guest agents: Saritza Hernandez at Andrea Brown Literary Agency and Kaitlyn Johnson at Belcastro Literary Agency! Congratulations, writers!



First Place Winner: Leslie Vedder for Phoenix from the Acid

Second Place Winner: Amanda Thomas for Sew Your Desire

Third Place: J. Isaiah Holbrook for This is How You Fall in Love with a Homophobe


FINALISTS (in no particular order)

Allison Fradkin for I Can’t Pink Straight

Nathaniel Harrington for Illumination

Olivia Barone for Inheritance

Janie Owens for Triangle

Molly Kasperek for Chosen to Love

Sophie Trist for The Winter Walk

Paul Cullen for The Light


LONGLIST (in no particular order)

Vincent Anioke for Dumont Circle

Jazmyne Reale for Una Foto en el Tiempo (A Photo In Time)

Alexandra Lado Roy for The Dying of the Light

Anahita Karthik for Birds in a Golden Cage

Justine Gogh for Exact Words

Emma McMorran Clark for The Nightingale’s Girl

Nikki Bennett for Summer of the Spiders

Alyson Grauer for Lavender, Juniper, Gunpowder, Smoke

Flor Salcedo for See, Right Here

Santiago Marquez for Palette

Corinna Tyris for Moon Boy, Earth Girl

Natalie Burrows for Through the Mirror Glass

Jill Young for Stuck

Chloë Fraser for Force-ripe

Kristina Pantarotto for The Apple Below Her Eye

Kimberly Anne Bussing for Locking Shut the Burning House

Ines Ayala for Game Over

Ellery Lamm for Remain

Brigette Stevenson for The Lottery Man

Niki Averton for Anna, Anna, Anna in Stone

Sky Regina for Ten Breaths of Disorder

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