AI Challenge Winner - Uncharted

AI Challenge Winner

By Uncharted

The winner is “More Than Electric Sheep” by Paul Martz!

  1. The Inaugural Crosstown Robo-Derby (Unofficial) / conversationlog_2087nov19_20SMITH by Haden Cross
  2. This Is Your Brain On Art by Jackie Fenn
  3. Just Like Them by Robert Gryn
  4. Cora in the Empty House by Andrew Graham Martin
  5. More Than Electric Sheep by Paul Martz
  6. A Small Act by Danny Menter
  7. The Last Word by Molly Montgomery
  8. And I Rebel by Bev Morris
  9. The Delivery by Shyann Royalty
  10. Revenants by Katelyn Sullivan

Congrats to all of the writers that made this shortlist!