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5 Young Adult Book Podcasts Your Ears Are Missing Out On

By Emelie Mano

2021 has been the biggest year yet for the podcast industry. As of this year, there are over two million different podcasts waiting to be listened to. With more time on our hands and more time spent alone, it’s no wonder we want something to distract ourselves from having just our thoughts for company. 

However, it would be nice to find a podcast that suits your interests AND makes you feel connected to your passions. We’re here to narrow down the field and help your ears find exactly what they need to get through the day. Here are five podcasts for YA readers that will not only help you find your next read but make you feel like you’re having a cozy discussion with fellow friends.

  1. Hey YA – Hey YA is a podcast launched from Book Riot that is hosted by Kelly Jensen, and YA expert Eric Smith. In each bi-weekly episode, they discuss exciting news in the YA industry, the latest YA releases, familiar classics, and an open discussion about book-related topics. Tune in to stay up-to-date on everything going on in young adult literature news!
  2. Act YA Age – The truth is, the YA genre is something that has followed us even as we grew into adulthood. Act YA Age follows two adults who LOVE young adult literature. Tasia and Corinne unpack popular and unpopular young adult literature while also confronting the universal appeal of the YA genre that goes beyond age and gender barriers. If you’re a fellow adult who shares a love of this genre, this podcast is for you.
  3. 88 Cups of Tea – Are you looking for some guidance on your YA storytelling journey? 88 Cups of Tea is here to help nourish your personal AND professional life as a writer. They help fellow creative minds understand how to overcome rejections and writer’s block, as well as provide helpful writing tips, crafting advice, and a warm and welcoming support system. 
  4. The Barnes & Noble YA Podcast – If you’ve always wanted to sit down and chat with your favorite author, host Melissa Albert is here to do it for you! Melissa is the editor of the B&N Teen Blog and bestselling author of The Hazel Wood. She interviews fellow YA authors and dives into their background, favorite reads, deepest passions, and how exactly they came up with the books that have a forever place in our hearts. 
  5. Fictional Hangover – If you’re looking for someone to turn to after facing an unbearable book hangover, Amanda and Claire have your back! Every week they provide in-depth summaries of popular YA novels and host an open conversation about their favorite characters, unsuspecting plot twists, favorite moments, and least favorite moments. They also bring in authors and voice actors of the book to join in on the fun! WARNING: This podcast will contain spoilers.

No matter what route you choose, know that when it comes to the YA community you’re never alone! Podcasts aren’t just a gateway to help you find your next great read; they can make us feel connected to a very disconnected world. After all, there’s nothing better than finding people who are just as passionate as you are about something you love.