2023 Voyage Anthology 2 Results (Short Story and Poetry) - Uncharted

2023 Voyage Anthology 2 Results (Short Story and Poetry)

By The Voyage Team

And…the results are in! Thank you to all the writers who submitted their short stories and poetry for consideration in our second anthology! It was such a tough call this time around. Win or lose, everyone deserves a standing ovation!

Anthology 2 Contributors (Short Stories and Poetry)

Libby Kowitz for Like Father

Ashley Diers for Just Another Heartbreak Plot

De Elizabeth for Records Room

Mariella Acevedo for Polyurethane

Dylan Furbay for Allium

Amanda Thomas for at the shore and other selected poems

Emily Li for a calendar of solar & lunar eclipses


Shari Green for the sound of the world

Hiba Tahir for Roots

Valerie Dimino for The Tree

Anaïs Godard for The Grace

Em Harper for Driving Lesson

Zachary Sherman for Heirlooms

Yvey McLeod for Nowhere

Janie Owens for The List

Sidura Ludwig for Under a Hot and Burning Sun

Ashley Wilda for house show

Jay Bailey for My Favorite Color

Lauren Antonucci for candyman

Weyinmi Barrow for GO

Andreea Ceplinschi for Motherless Daughter Excommunicates Herself from the Table

Terence Cady for The Dead Across The Land

Bibiana Ossai for Frankie and Bestie

Janine P for A Girl and a Boy at the Edge of the Universe

Atalanti Evripidou for We Are Island

Allison Xu for Tapestry of Inheritance

Laura Theis for craving