2023 Voyage Anthology 2 Results (Novel Excerpt and CNF) - Uncharted

2023 Voyage Anthology 2 Results (Novel Excerpt and CNF)

By The Voyage Team

And…the results are in for the second part of our anthology contest! Only this time we’re saying thank you to all the writers who submitted their novel excerpts and creative nonfiction for consideration in our second anthology! We were blown away by all the talented writers whose work we had the pleasure of reading. Every single one of you should give yourself a round of applause! Congratulations, writers!

Anthology 2 Contributors (Novel Excerpt and CNF)

Elisa Park for While You Were Sleeping

Leah Whitcomb for About the Boy

Joya Breinholt for 2013/2019


Longlist (in no particular order)

Hannah Lamarre for Heart Like a Record Scratch

Santiago Márquez Ramos for Resonance

Amanda Floresca for Rum Gully Girl

Alex Abraham for Pippin & the Runaway Circus

Kylie Freeman for Beneath the Aspen Grove

Anaïs Godard for The Adept

Laurent Queyssi for Allison

Rachel Furey for Just Hug Me

Dustin Vann for If You Hadn’t Picked Up…

Sophia Alapati and Bethany Wheeler for Fight the Stars

Richelle Putnam for I Hate You, Mrs. Powell

Angela Keith for A Swirl of Colors and Jagged Edges

Alex Romero for Fromage

Halli Gomez for Painted in Blood

Sara Pauff for Penned: A First Draft

Suphil Lee Park for Hornet’s Nest

Jesse Weiner for Across the Sea and Back Again

Tam Francis for Luminous Glow: The Little Man Who Wasn’t There

Ilana Barakat for Firework Willow

Susan Crispell for The Art of Breaking