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The Dragon’s Den: Curated Writing Groups

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We’re excited for this new project, but first, some facts:

  • The myth of the solitary writer is a bully that often sets us off to struggle alone and without support.
  • The pandemic era has set writers even further apart, unraveling local groups and piling on new anxieties to any meetings.
  • When we talk to writers about what they need, what they’re missing—when we ask what writers most want, right now, the answer is almost always community.

Tommy and I think we’ve got a potential solution for all of you who don’t have the time or energy to do the hard, inscrutable work of putting together your own group of writers—with this opportunity, we want to do it for you!

We’re purposely keeping this very cheap in order to make it as accessible to as many writers as possible. Our mission is to uplift and serve genre writers however we can, and facilitating life-long friendships and writing relationships is exactly that.

Sign up below before the registration deadline to be placed in a group of 3-6 writers of similar taste, experience, and commitment, where you’ll get to experience the journey of writing together.

Please feel welcome to reach out to me at with any and all questions!

Sincerely, Josh & Tommy Founders of Uncharted Magazine

How it works

  1. We’ll send you a survey that will show us explicitly what kind of writer you are and want to be.
  2. We’ll matchmake across all participants to curate groups of 3-6 writers that will best help each other grow.
  3. We’ll invite all writers into our private digital space to manage their communications.
  4. We’ll provide clear documentary guidelines for setting up a successful writer’s group, and remain available anytime for further questions and support.


What criteria do you use to curate groups?

We focus on the big three: experience, taste, and background. We seek to create spaces that are safe, as well as challenging, for writers at any level.

Do I need to have a book complete to join?

Not at all. This project is open to short fiction writers, writers at the very beginning of their outline, or writers putting down the final polish. Wherever you are, your work will benefit under the sharpening eyes of your peers.

Will there be workshop facilitators?

No, to keep this as accessible as possible, we’re focusing our labor on the curation itself, the boutique support guides, and the management of the online community space. Every group will find and design the leadership and systems that serve it best.

When does it start? When does it end?

A couple weeks after the registration ends, we’ll send out all the group assignments and invite everyone into the digital space. From there, the timeline is up to the writers! We have recommendations for pacing and length, but the groups themselves will decide best what works for them, and we sincerely hope these groups lead to lifelong relationships that produce story after story, book after book.