2023 Calendar - Uncharted

2023 Calendar

AI Flash Challenge
May 4
May 14, 2023

We often find that the blank page stymies our creativity, but when we’re faced with an engaging prompt, magic happens! We’re excited to give our submitters a chance to write some new genre flash fiction. For this challenge, we’re thrilled to offer the first-place winner of this prize $500 and publication. All entries will be considered for general publication at our regular rate of $200. For this challenge, we want flash stories based on the theme of “Interacting with AI.”

CLOSED | Voyage YA by Uncharted: Anthology Contest
May 1
June 1

Thank you to everyone who submitted short stories! 
Check back at the end of August for the results!

Winners of this Novel Excerpt Contest will be published in Fall 2023, alongside the winners of the Short Story Award, Poetry Prize, and Creative Nonfiction Prize. We want to see all that hard effort rewarded, and we warmly invite you to send us your favorite chapters from your novels and your creative nonfiction that captures the nature of the teen experience! Roll up your sleeves, write relentlessly, and send us your best! Our guest writer for the second anthology is Aaron H. Aceves, acclaimed author of This Is Why They Hate Us!

For the anthology, we are flexible with the number of winners, but all novel excerpt contributors will be compensated accordingly:

Novel excerpts: $800     
Creative nonfiction pieces: $500

Uncharted Magazine Short Story Award: The Aftermath
June 1 – August 6, 2023

This Award is for all three genres: SF/F, Thriller/Horror, and Mystery/Crime. We’re excited to offer the first-place winner of this prize $2000 and publication, while the 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive publication and $300 and $200, respectively. We’re looking for the best short fiction we can get our hands on! Guest judge TBA.

Uncharted Magazine Novel Excerpt Prize
September 1 – October 31, 2023

We’re looking for the best 5,000 words or fewer of your novel in progress! Have a favorite chapter? An exciting and noteworthy prologue? A section where the dialogue crackles and the characters loom larger than life on the page? Give us a chance to read the most captivating section of your novel—and make us want to read more!